The awesome world of Augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence

It is about time when Augmented reality comes out of its old concept of playing a video over a newspaper or a dancing dwarf in a user's hand. Infinity AR is working to build cross-platform tools, including on Google Glass, Optinvent’s Ora glasses, and Meta’s SpaceGlasses, to create augmented reality that fully integrates with the user’s life.

Recently Infinty AR, an Augmented reality company announced a partnership project with Beyond verbal from Israel, company that decodes and measures human emotions in voice. This is the concept where Augmented reality, with the help of Artificial intelligence makes our lifestyle rich.

Founded in 2012, the Tel Aviv-based Beyond Verbal raised $3.8 million in venture capital prior to its launch in May. It licensed its technology to New York City-based Infinity AR, which is building a combined artificial intelligence-augmented reality hub that senses a user’s needs.

check out this Infinity Augmented reality concept video,

Did someone say Google glasses??  Definitely need to consider again after watching this video.
Gone are the days when,  the moment you hear someone say Augmented reality the picture of someone holding a marker and dancing dwarf appears or video that plays over a newspaper comes in to mind. But things have changed a lot lately in Augmented reality and Gesture recognition with the emergence of Augmented reality smart glasses other wearable like wristbands etc.

Combining AR with AI and also with the help of smart glasses like Google, space and Icis glasses .
I am pretty sure AR is going in right direction.

Awesome world of Augmented reality, Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence


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