Thursday, October 10, 2013

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Google stunned the technology industry when it revealed its plans to sell Google Glass, eyeglass frames that put a small computer display in a person’s field of vision. But some less well-known companies have been selling wearable displays for years, with the military as a dedicated customer.

One of the Google’s competitor is Vuzix based in Rochester, New York. The company’s product  Vuzix smart glass M100, contains a microphone, an earpiece, a camera, and motion and GPS sensors,

and it’s powerful enough to run a version of the Android mobile operating system. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections allow it to be linked to a smartphone. A small display positioned in the wearer’s peripheral vision provides a viewing area equivalent to having a four-inch smartphone about a foot away. The device is essentially a mini-computer with a dual-core 1GHz TI-OMAP 4403 processor, which is the same chip you’ll find in Google Glass and older Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Vuzix already sells wearable AR glasses with a camera and display in each lens, to researchers and the Department of Defense. But when it comes to  Augmented reality glasses my favorite is Space-glass's Meta AR glasses, Just have look at this teaser video.

For a few minutes, you would probably immerse in the belief that you have actually traveled forward in time or watching a stereotypical Sci-Fi movie like Iron man.The basic concept of SpaceGlasses is, it brings HUD (Head-up display), Augmented Reality which is more advanced. SpaceGlasses is equipped with a tiny projector which renders a 3D, Live vision.
Remember how Tony Stark maneuvers Holograms and HUD display in his Iron Man suit. SpaceGlasses enables you to experience something similar. The promo video demonstrates how you can actually model a 3D object out of thin air and print it using 3D Printer. That’s just not it, several other real-world application are depicted in the video. You can play virtual Nerf Gun, Virtual Minecraft simulation and basically transform your boring real life scenario.
One thing for sure Meta’s technology could open up limitless possibilities to contribute to our existing computing technology.
Google Glasses is also powered by Augmented Reality technology. Heads-up display is featured on the transparent glass. It seamlessly sync with your Smartphone and provides you intuitive information on the go. You can view the map, Explore through GPS as you walk or drive. You can connect to the internet, access Social networks, access any Google service. It is equipped with a tiny camera that renders Augmented reality into possibility. You can even translate a sign board engraved in a foreign language. You can record videos and capture photos with these glasses
Vuzix glasses vs Space glasses vs Google glasses
 Vuzix smart glass M100 gives you smart phone's display and its cheaper but no Augmented reality . SpaceGlasses Meta AR glass is powered by obviously a better technology filled with innovation. 3D Headsup display, Motion detection. Google glasses combine the smart features of Vuzix smart glass and AR features of Space glasses.

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