Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bionym launched SDK for identity-auntenticating wristband Nymi

Toronto-based startup Bionym has launched an SDK for its forthcoming identity-authenticating wristband, Nymi. It said today that more than 6,000 developers have registered their interest in building software that hooks into the heartwave-sensing bangle. It costs $79 and so far around 7000 wristbands have been presold. 
The Nymi wristband authenticates the wearer’s identity by matching the overall shape of their heartwave (captured via an electrocardiogram sensor). It sustains authentication, so long as the wristband remains in position, reducing the need for repeated authentications during the day. 

What kind of apps can be developed for Nymi?

The obvious ones that are simply unlocking various things, from doors to their personal devices or for the money transaction. But there are people that are thinking outside the box in terms of different environments and different appliances — that, how could they(things or the machine) behave differently if they knew who you are??
there are applications that let the coffee machine knows your settings and it will produce your coffee the way you want it.
Another of its use could be in restaurant or a bar and the Nymi passing info on your dietary restrictions or favorite drink or specific order.
There are lot of people interested in making Arduino or other kinds of hardware modules that can interact with Nymi. you can monotize it , customize it according to your preferences. So imagine an Arduino module that wants to be one of those people that overshares and tweets whenever you’re in the room saying you came home and you’re here…(check-in addicts or foursquare users would benefit)

check out this video for more details.
Bionym Nymi, Gesture recognition

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