Keeping Memory of Horrible Earthquake through Augmented Reality


On the 17th of January 1995 the Great Hanshin Earthquake devastated Kobe and took around 6,000 lives. Nevertheless, Japan always arise again, so everything was completely reconstructed and restored. To preserve the memory of what the city looked like in the aftermath of the disaster and to show how it was restored and what has been changed the government has developed a location-based smartphone app.
Guests of the city can access the map archive and images by downloading the free mobile app junaio for either iOS or Android, and then go to certain places around the city. There are around 98 spots in the Shin-Nagata Minami and Shin-Nagata Kita districts where the photos were taken back in time. When users arrive to the location where image data is available, they just point their phones in the direction of where the photo was taken and they can see what it looked like after the earthquake and compare to what it looks like now.
The app will be especially interested for people who are interested to learn more about the earthquake and learn lessons of disaster recovery.


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