Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Voice - a Guest blog by Sunil Sudevan

How do I sound? How much importance do we give to a person's voice?
its strange sometimes unknowingly we like or dislike or even sometime gauge a person by his or her voice. May be we respond better to a high pitched voice or low-pitched voice.

I read online that, horses in fact display different  physiological and behavioral responses to different tones and voice. So do we humans respond, there have been so many  incidents where a key to a good bargain is the tone of voice we use.We some times even fall in love with a person by  just talking and getting attached to his or her voice unknowingly.

I don't want to go deep in finding the science behind it, but love the fact when someone tells you, "like your voice".

So do try talking to a horse or may be tell some one if you like their voice.

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