Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things I learned from reading manga

I, like many people, have read manga from my teen years well into my adult life In fact I still do whenever I get time. Many people scoff at manga and comic books as just a pointless and childish hobby. There is nothing that can be learned from them and they serve no purpose other than avoiding reality. Some believe manga to make people antisocial, violent, or somehow emotionally stunted. Those people will just never understand, even if they read manga. It can teach people a lot of things and there are a lot of well-adjusted people who read manga as a hobby.

I am not going to argue or say why we should read manga. There are many serious things that one can learn from reading manga, but there are also lots of fun little tidbits that you can learn, though mostly they are just cliches. So let's add in a bit of funny.

  • You CAN have too many women that want you.
  • The hero will always lose the first fight with his nemesis, but will train/power up later and beat the crap out of him.
  • The more average you seem, the more destined you are to save the planet.
  • Tokyo is destined to get destroyed by something (Godzilla, Angels, Fireballs, Gundams, Robots, Reptar, ect.) every time it gets rebuilt.
  • All teenage kids in Japan lack diligent or present parents.
  • The coolest character that is not the main character is going to die.
  • No matter how many guns people are using, the sword is still the bee's knees.
  • If it is snowing, something romantic or sad is going to happen. Prepare for feels!
  • Smart people will be wearing glasses, their chances of being evil also rise significantly.
  • When mortally wounded, you will always have time for a long speech. Always.

Do you read any manga or comics? what is your favorite manga? what is your favorite character?
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